logo intuition alliance

Intuition Alliance is a non-profit hybrid intelligence multividual network of people, organizations, visions and algorithms, founded on and oriented to intuition, as value, concept and practice.


Intuition Alliance

We believe in an horizon of ecosystemic harmony,
where human, natural and artificial intelligences coexist,
in a sustainable and prosperous way,
respecting the value of life.
This is our vision.

Our mission is to support associates
with knowledge intensive solutions in terms of:

Invention, creation, innovation

through a continue work, monitoring and experimentation.


by specific international missions.

Networking, optimization, empowerment

thanks to common activities and events.

This result is obtained studying and experimenting intuition in theory and practice.


Research and development

Analysis, ideation and management of research and development projects and activities, innovation  and change management.

Invention and creation

Invention and engineering, creative and artistic concepts.  


Coaching and training solutions about intuition and innovation, strategy, soft-skills, life coaching and personal growth, new technologies 4.0, augmented virtual media and internet of every things.

Media, Art and Culture

Art direction, authoring, content management, publishing, disclosure, production, events.


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Roma III